IFE Deployment Models

Service Enhancement

Bluebox Ai is the ideal way to deliver a high quality IFE experience in aircraft either not fitted for, or where the existing system is old and tired. It is also ideal to balance premium IFE between flight sectors where older and newer planes share route service.

Bluebox Ai can be valuably deployed as a cabin class differentiator with a range of portable devices to choose from, including the iPad Pro.

Service Recovery

Bluebox Ai is the ideal recovery tool: easily deployed in cases of single screen failure, and scalable to cover every premium seat when full IFEC systems go down. The compact, ultra-light iPad mini is especially well suited for this deployment.

Simply stowed and battery-powered, Bluebox Wow also offers an affordable back-up for failed seatback or fitted WiFi systems - deployable for premium or full cabin coverage - and combined with EWC-ready Ai units can provide a complete and current IFE offer.

Ancillary Revenue

Low cost airlines and others operating split cabin services will find our products perfect for revenue generation.

A portable, stow-able device hosting the brand new Hollywood movies your passengers are happy to pay for - stand-alone or as part of a Hybrid solution, Bluebox Ai offers exceptional scope for rental revenue.

Our wireless streaming solutions, both wIFE and Wow, also support pay-for-access commercial models.

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