Looking for an IFE solution that’s fast and cost effective to deploy?

Bluebox’s portable IFE solutions – Bluebox Ai and Bluebox Hybrid – provide airlines all the benefits of IFE on the latest off-the-shelf technology. Approved for pre-loaded early window content, they also deliver a range of other video, audio, reading and gaming content to passengers. Bluebox Hybrid connects to additional content and services available on wireless streaming systems.

Our wireless IFE systems – Bluebox wIFE and Bluebox Wow – offer fitted and portable wireless options for streaming IFE content to both passenger and airline-owned devices.

If you’re looking to deliver IFE, replace obsolete IFE systems, provide service recovery, deliver accessibility services, or generate ancillary revenue – let us know, and we’ll contact you to discuss how a Bluebox solution can work for you.