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Bluebox Ai

Stand Alone Portable IFE

Our secure app for iPad delivers the entertainment experience your passengers deserve. Approved by the major Hollywood studios to host pre-loaded Early Window Content on all current iPad models, Bluebox Ai is the market leading portable IFE solution, with around 20,000 units deployed.

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Bluebox Hybrid

Connected Portable IFE

Bluebox Hybrid utilises our secure IFE app for iPad to deliver EWC in the wireless cabin, for the latest Hollywood content in environments that could otherwise offer only older movies. It helps minimise wireless network traffic and ensures entertainment even if the streaming system fails.

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Bluebox aIFE

Delivering an inflight entertainment experience to passengers with visual impairment

Passengers want to be entertained on long flights, whatever their level of vision. Governments will demand airlines comply with accessible IFE standards. But compliance through upgrading existing IFE systems will be a costly and challenging process, especially for airlines with a mix of IFE systems deployed across larger fleets. Bluebox provides a compelling alternative.

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Bluebox Wow

Walk-on wIFE

Our smart, scalable solution streams video, audio, games and digital magazines with no STC, long lead times or installation costs required. Low cost, lightweight and easily stowed in overhead bins, its rechargeable battery supports up to 50 devices simultaneously for up to 15 hours.

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Bluebox wIFE

Fitted Wireless IFE

Bluebox wIFE frees airlines from the cost and complexity of seatback systems. Supporting thousands of hours of IFE content and compatible with a wide range of personal digital devices, its highly configurable user interface ensures a truly engaging and exciting passenger experience.

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Bluebox eMan

Technical Library Management System

With eMan, library managers and engineering teams have a web-based platform to access all electronic technical documentation from any location, on a wide range of devices, over any network.

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